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Climbing Mt Ngungun, Glass House Mountains

As you reach the summit of Mt Ngungun, you’ll want to take your time to appreciate the uninterrupted views that stretch out before you. This climb offers one of the best views in South East Queensland and makes a perfect half day trip from Brisbane.

Mt Ngungun is the 6th tallest of the 11 mountains that make up the famous Glass House Mountains located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland in Queensland, north of Brisbane.

It is one of the most popular walks of the Glass House Mountains, with the view from the summit of Mt Ngungun a perfect reward for people wanting an introduction to climbing in the area as you’re able to see some of the more unique shaped peaks from the top.

The walk is fairly steep, you’re going up a mountain after all, but is much more approachable for beginners and younger families than many of the other summit tracks in the area. You’ll often see younger kids walking up the track unassisted as the path is very well maintained and sees a lot of traffic so it’s quite easy to follow.

As you approach the summit however, it is quite rocky so make sure to watch your footing and keep any young children close.

Once at the top, you’ll want to hang around for a while as the summit offers 360 degree views from the coast to the hinterland with the particularly photogenic Mount Tibrogargan, Mount Coonowrin and Mount Beerwah all visible so you can get that insta worthy snap.

To really get that iconic shot of Mount Coonowrin and Mount Beerwah like in my photos, once you’re at the top, keep walking around past the highest point where the majority of crowds usually are. Over on this side it’s usually much quieter so you can take a seat on one of the rocks and appreciate how worth it that climb was for these views.

Getting There

Mt Ngungun is an easy 1 hour drive north of Brisbane. Follow the Bruce Highway towards the Sunshine Coast for about 70km before exiting the highway onto Steve Irwin Way. From here, you’ll turn into the little township of The Glass House Mountains.

Follow the road over the railway lines and turn left into Coonowrin Road then turn right into Fullertons Road until you reach the car park at the base of the mountain. The area is pretty well signed.

Get there early as this carpark fills up very quickly, particularly on the weekend. It’s not uncommon to have to do a few laps before you get lucky and catch a leaving vehicle.

The track from the carpark at the bottom is approx 2.8km, and begins through the forest. The return walk should take about an hour but allow 2 if you’re taking your time and hang around at the summit for a bit.

A lot of people run this track and use it for training, so it can certainly be done a lot quicker depending on your fitness level.

Essential Info

  • No matter what time of year you’re climbing, make sure you wear adequate sun protection (hat and sunscreen) and make sure to carry some water.
  • Wear closed in shoes that have a good amount of support as you’ll need them for hopping over rocks.
  • Because this is a really populated track, it’s a great option for solo walkers.
  • Mt Ngungun is colloquially pronounced ‘n-gun-gun’ however it’s actually pronounced ‘noo-noo’, something that not a lot of local people seem to know!
  • The traditional owners of the land are the Gubbi Gubbi people who consider the rocky outcrops of the Glass House Mountains to hold special significance.
  • Leave no trace. Whatever you take in with you, make sure it also returns with you. I’m always disappointed with how much rubbish ends up on this trail as a result of its popularity.

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